Graded and Ungraded Assessments

Based on the scores provided for the questions in an assessment, assessments can be grouped as,

  1. Graded

  2. Ungraded

Graded Assessments

When the questions added to the assessments have scores, i.e., they have test cases that have certain scores. The candidates attempting that assessment would be graded based on the scores obtained for each test case, and hence the assessment would be a graded assessment.

When a test case is created for a question, the user can set the score for the test case. The total score for the question would be calculated based on adding the scores of all the test cases provided for the question and the total score for the assessment would be calculated by adding the scores of all the questions that are added to the assessment.

Ungraded Assessments

When the user provides a score of 0 for all the test cases, then the total score for that question would be 0. Similarly, if all the questions present in the assessment have a score of 0 then the assessment would have a total score 0 and such assessment are ungraded assessments.

Assessments with cutoff percent is zero or the sum of all the test cases score is zero, then we can say it is ungraded.

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