Proctoring Assessments

neetoRunner provides the ability to monitor the candidates while attempting the assessments, which is known as proctoring. When an assessment is proctored, users can track any suspicious activities or malpractices attempted by any candidate during the assessment.

Users can enable proctoring for an assessment by visiting the configure tab on the edit assessment page.


  1. Select the assessment for which proctoring needs to be enabled.

  2. Go to the configure tab.

  3. Go to proctoring from the left side menu.

    Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 5.21.12 PM.png

neetoRunner provides 5 types of proctoring during an assessment:

  • Fullscreen

  • Tab Proctoring

  • Copy/Paste tracking

  • Regular Interval Snapshots

  • Video Tracking


Enabling this option would force the candidate to attempt the assessment in full-screen mode. Whenever the candidate moves out of full-screen mode, the candidate would be notified and forced to move back into full-screen mode.

Fullscreen warning

Tab Proctoring

If Tab Proctoring is enabled, you would be able to monitor the tab switches made by the candidates while attempting the assessment.

Candidates would be notified about the same if they do so.

Tab switch warning

You can also specify the maximum number of tab switches the candidate can make before being marked as failed. To know more about this, you can visit Max Allowed Tab Switches article.

Copy/Paste Tracking

If Copy/Paste Tracking is turned on, then you would be able to monitor the code snippets that have been copied and pasted by the candidate onto the code editor while attempting the test.

Copy/pasted code

Copy/paste warning

Regular Interval Snapshot

If Regular Interval Snapshot Proctoring is enabled, then snapshots of the candidate would be taken at regular intervals, and you can monitor those snapshots to find out whether the candidate is taking the test or not. Before the start of the test, with the candidate’s consent, the webcam would be turned on, and while the candidate attempts the test, snapshots would be taken. A candidate’s snapshots can be viewed in the Snapshots tab in the candidate report.

Video Tracking

When the user enables Video Tracking, then the candidate’s webcam would be used to capture the video for the entire duration of the assessment. The video captured during the assessment can be previewed in the Camera Recording tab in the candidate report.

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