Submitting an answer to a question

  • This is what a typical question screen looks like:

  • When you want to run your code for custom input, you need to click on the Run code button.

  • When you want to submit your code for evaluation against test cases, you need to click on the Run tests button.

  • When running your code against custom input or against test cases please make sure to print/log the answer instead of returning it as a value. Please make sure to learn how to print/log with your preferred programming language beforehand. You can refer to the following table for some commonly used languages.


  • Printing unwanted or ill-formatted data to output will cause the test cases to fail.

    • Make sure to remove unwanted space. For example: 5,6 and 5, 6 will be treated as different answers.

    • Mind the case of the test as test cases are not case-insensitive. For example: Hello World and hello world will be treated as different answers.

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