Viewing results of the candidates

You can see an overview of the questions attempted by the candidate.

  • Go to the Results tab and click on the candidate's name.

Results page
  • A pane with the candidate details along with the questions list will open. If you have set the enable cutoff percentage option, the candidate status will change from submitted to either passed or failed after the results have been processed. If the candidate status is still showing up as submitted or final score of the candidate is not being shown, the results are still being processed. Please check back after sometime to view the processed results.

  • Click on a question to see more details about it.

Candidate report pane
  • You will be able to view the details of the question attempt. If you see the test cases status as pending, the results are still being processed and will be available after sometime.

    Pending result
  • You can also view the code for the questions that were attempted by the candidates. Click on View detailed report.

    Please note that you will only be able to view the question attempt details if the candidate attempted the question.

    Question details

  • You can view the code submitted by the candidate for the question. This is possbile even if the results have not been processed yet. Additionally, you can use the code playback feature to view how the candidate's code has evolved

Detailed question report

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